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Home Sleep Test

If you display some of the common risk factors for sleep apnea and you have no other medical disorders, a home sleep apnea test may be a better option for you. This test allows you to sleep in the comfort of your home and, similar to the in-lab test, your sleep pattern data will be monitored and recorded. The testing equipment isn’t as complicated and you’ll be able to hook up the equipment yourself.

Once completed, just bring the equipment back to Elite Sleep Apnea Solutions and we’ll go over the results.

If either of these tests revel that you have sleep apnea, our board-certified sleep medicine physician will discuss your treatment options with you, which may include CPAP or somnoplasty.

Testing for Sleep Apnea

Before making a diagnosis, we want to make sure an objective evaluation of your sleep has been conducted, whether with an in-lab overnight sleep study or a home sleep test.

In-Lab Sleep Study

Don’t let the idea of an “in-lab” intimidate you; these tests occur overnight in a sleep center which looks very similar to a hotel room. You’ll sleep just as you normally do, but your brain waves, heartbeat, breathing and movement will be monitored and recorded with sleep sensors.

Sleep studies are usually only recommended for more severe cases because they tend to be more costly. However, if necessary, most health insurance plans will cover the costs. These studies also give your sleep medicine physician the most comprehensive information on your sleep habits.

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